At Kids Town Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Brett Packham, Dr. Chad T. Eardley and Dr. Tate Trujillo use laser dentistry procedures to fix tongue tie (TT) and lip tie (LT). Common symptoms of tongue tie and lip tie are difficulty nursing, speech impediment, discomfort in the mouth, periodontal issues, tongue thrust and a misaligned bite. Our dentists may recommend that your child gets a frenectomy to alleviate some of these conditions.

Mothers may notice some of these issues while breast feeding. If you and your baby experience difficulties breast feeding, a frenectomy may be beneficial so your child can better establish and maintain a latch.

Older children may display their tongue tie or lip tie with speech impediments, bite misalignment or oral discomfort.

Our dentists and team help patients throughout Davis and Weber counties. We can perform a frenectomy in Roy, Layton or Syracuse, Utah, in our local dental offices. Call our office at 801-217-3359 to schedule a consultation with our team. We would be happy to meet with you and your child for a frenectomy consultation.