Hi, I’m Dr. Brett, and welcome to Kids Town Pediatric Dentistry! I have been around kids my entire life. Being the oldest of six children, I had many opportunities to babysit and interact with younger siblings. I was always told I had a great way with kids. It wasn’t until a professor in dental school told me that I had a gift with children and that it would be a disservice to dentistry if I didn’t work with them that I realized working with kids is one of my life’s true passions. My partner Renn Veater and I started Kids Town Pediatric Dentistry in September of 2010. Although we have grown to three offices in Weber and Davis County, we are a family-owned business and take pride in the individual service and attention we provide each child who walks through our doors.

Dr. Brett
I love pediatric dentistry and the variety each day brings with all of the fun and sometimes challenging personalities I work with. One of my greatest rewards as a pediatric dentist is watching a child start an appointment extremely scared and anxious but by the end of our time together is giving high fives and big smiles. It is awesome to see them leaving the visit feeling proud of their accomplishment.

Through extensive training at Primary Children’s Pediatric Dental Residency, I truly feel comfortable treating any dental situation that comes through our doors. Thank you for trusting me and the doctors here at Kids Town to take care of your child’s dental needs. Having four children of my own, I understand the importance of finding a provider that you trust to take exceptional care of your child regardless of the care they may need. Here at Kids Town, our mission statement is that we will always care for your child as we would our own.