Children need to lose their baby teeth, so their adult teeth grow in correctly. Typically, children's baby teeth can erupt without issue, but occasionally a dentist may need to intervene to pull the tooth. If a child's baby teeth remain in place, it can lead to crowding and misalignment of both the baby and adult teeth. Left unattended, this can cause discomfort for your child.

Common reasons for a child's tooth extraction include:

  • It is a baby tooth that the child has been unable to remove alone
  • The tooth is damaged beyond the use of dental fillings or crowns
  • A dentist has determined that the tooth needs to be removed for future orthodontic treatment
  • Dental crowding in the mouth
  • If your child needs to have a tooth extraction, our team will make sure that your child is comfortable during the process. Our skilled and caring dentists can give your child the care they need. After finishing the procedure, we will give you some post-treatment care instructions, so you can take care of your child and his or her healing mouth. If you have any questions about this procedure, we invite you to call one of our team members, so we can answer your questions.