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Infant/Toddler Exams

Our office is committed to the prevention of tooth decay beginning at an early age. The American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) and Pediatric Dentistry(AAPD) both recommend that a child’s first dental exam be six months after the first tooth comes in. In general we see children starting at 18 months. Studies have shown that children beginning at this early age will have far fewer cavities than those that start even at age three. This visit is usually a simple exam followed by prevention focused instructions on how to care for your infants teeth and get your child off to a cavity-free childhood.

Prevention/Standard exams

Digital X-rays: We offer state of the art digital X-rays which cut radiation exposure by 66% of what you get with conventional film X-rays.

Prophylaxis: Our kid-friendly assistants will help your kids get a nice deep clean and remove superficial stain that tends to build up over the six month period between check-ups. We offer many kid friendly flavors from bubble gum to grape.

Fluoride: The AAPD and ADA recommend in office fluoride treatment every six months to one year depending on the cavity risk of your child. Think of fluoride as helping your tooth fill in microscopic potholes that make your tooth more prone to cavities.


Our doctors specialized in a hospital setting for two years to gain experience in various forms of sedation. In our office we offer 3 types of sedation.
1) Oral Sedation
2) IV Sedation
3) General Anesthesia

The doctors will discuss sedation options as necessary for your child. They will help you find which option may be best for your child to have a good experience at the


Part of our doctors specialized training in a hospital setting was treating children with multiple types of trauma to their mouth. Our doctors are very comfortable treating anything from severe injuries to minor bumps and bruises. Our office is always on call to help take care of your child’s emergency needs should they arise.