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At Kids Town Pediatric Dentistry our goal is to provide your child with the highest quality of dental care and to give your child the best experience possible. We hope each child will leave our office with a positive attitude about future dental appointments. There are several sedation options available to help us achieve our goal.

Minimal Sedation
A minimum level of sedation is achieved with Nitrous Oxide, also known as “laughing gas.” The main objective of Nitrous Oxide is to reduce patient anxiety. Nitrous Oxide is also effective at helping patients hold still, tolerate longer appointment times and reduce gagging.

Nitrous oxide has both rapid onset and recovery. The effects can be felt within two to three minutes of the gas being applied. After the appointment, the patient is placed on 100% oxygen and the effects are completely reversed within two to three minutes.

Moderate Sedation
In our offices we commonly refer to Moderate Sedations as “Conscious Sedations.” The goals of Moderate Sedation are to reduce patient anxiety, minimize pain and discomfort, improve behavior and help the patient tolerate longer appointments. Many of these goals are similar to those of Minimal Sedation, but are more likely to be achieved at a more profound level. An additional benefit of Moderate Sedations is the potential for amnesia.

Conscious Sedations are delivered with a liquid, oral medication. The full effects of the oral medication take up to an hour to achieve and usually provide the doctor with an hour of working time. These appointments are scheduled in the morning because the patients must arrive on an empty stomach andcan’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before their appointment.

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Deep Sedation
There are several advantages which Deep Sedations have over both Minimal and Moderate Sedations. Due to the level of sedation achieved no cooperation is required on the patients part. Minimal and Moderate Sedations require patient cooperation in order to be successful. All dental treatment can be achieved in a single appointment with a Deep Sedation. Two or more appointments may be necessary to complete all treatment using other forms of sedation. Another big advantage of a Deep Sedation is that the patient will have no memory of having any dental work completed.

In our offices Deep Sedations are achieved by medicine administered with an IV. All Deep Sedations are performed by a Nurse Anesthetist working together with our Doctors to ensure the highest level of safety.

General Anesthesia

Most patients can safely have dental treatment performed in the dental office. However, some patients have underlying, preexisting health conditions. For these patients the safest way to perform dental treatment may be to do it in the Hospital under General Anesthesia. We can consult with your child’s Medical Doctor to determine if they should have their treatment performed under General Anesthesia.

The right sedation option depends on several factors. These include the patient’s age, behavior, the amount of treatment being performed, any underlying health conditions andparental expectations. We can help you determine which option is best for your child.